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How can I reduce the size of the attachments folder?

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How can I reduce the size of the attachments folder?

I'm back working with our Sales Team, after a couple of years adrift, who are still using ACT Premium 2011 (v13), though aiming to leap to v17 at the end of the year.  We run a server-hosted main database and sych local databases to the team's laptops.  Our IT team is complaining bitterly about the size of the attachments folder - after many years of use; it is now 23Gb in size, containing over 117,000 files (we store full Outlook emails, including their attachments, against contacts).


Last time I tried to address this it seemed that even if I identified and removed stale contacts, their attachments would not get deleted from the attachments folder - so it was not going to be a very fruitful exercise.  Can anyone tell me if anything has changed over the last few years, either in terms of v17 functionality, 3rd-party add-ins or SQL consultancy?  Is there a recommended strategy for keeping IT happy - they do have a point in this case!


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Re: How can I reduce the size of the attachments folder?

I would recommend using one of the programs that shrinks PDF files and Act! Certified Consultants have access to tools that will remove attachments when the record linking to the attachment has been deleted.  Feel free to contact me off line if you would like me to do it for you.



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Re: How can I reduce the size of the attachments folder?

I dont use it for the same reason, instead i used one of the add-ons in the developer forum that allows you to link in dropbox, so all my documents for contact are stored in there own folder and the new tab links into it based on the client first and last name

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