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Housekeeping-Identifying unused Drop Down Lists

Tuned Listener
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Housekeeping-Identifying unused Drop Down Lists

Greetings all,


Does anyone know of a way to identify a drop-down list that is not being used in any fields?


We had migrated a bunch of Act 6 databases, with custom fields and drop downs over into ACT 2009 Preimuim. We then sliced/diced and purged fields and layouts, etc. Now we have a lot of drop down lists--some of which are getting used--but most are not.


I want to remove the unused ones, but don't have a way to identify which aren't linked. Any help, suggestions, or places to look?



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Re: Housekeeping-Identifying unused Drop Down Lists

You can run the Field List to CSV report and look at the picklist column.  This will show all lists that are currently being used.


On the server, follow the steps below.

- Go to Start and select Run

- Type actdiag and click Ok

- Select Databse > Database List

- Select your database.

- Go to Actions >  Database Structure > Field List to CSV file.