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Hotfix 7 - Many Significant Issues Still Not Addressed

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Hotfix 7 - Many Significant Issues Still Not Addressed

I was disappointed to see that none of the bottom-pane refresh issues that have been documented and reported on here were fixed in hotfix 7.  Seems all the fixes in this release were specifically related to the calendar functionality.


I also wish there was more consistency between how the app functions in all the different web browsers.  Many times I see users saying "well did you try it in Chrome".  I realize each web browser is different but every effort should be made to ensure the code is done in a way that the app functions identically in Chrome/IE/Edge etc.

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Re: Hotfix 7 - Many Significant Issues Still Not Addressed

For this and many other problems with Act! WEB is that I prefer to provide to my users with remote databases that are synchronized by Internet.


1. With this... my users work better with the local laptop performance.

2. Outlook integration works best

3. They can work continuously even if  don't have internet

4. I can define which contacts will have on their remote databases


Additionally... Back up periodically  your database and store in a safe place administrator password.


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Re: Hotfix 7 - Many Significant Issues Still Not Addressed

Hi Jag,

Hotfixes are generally for critical defects that relate to a single issue.

Service Packs (i.e. v18.1) contain more fixes than a usual hotfix, and many of the defects you mention have been targeted for the next service pack for v18.

Of course, the scope of each reported defect will affect the time it takes to investigative, fix and test the issue, before it's included in a hotfix/update or service pack. We don't have a standard turnaround time that we publish for each defect reported due to this complexity and the differing circumstances involved in each separate case.