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Hosting ACT Premium with a third party company

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Hosting ACT Premium with a third party company



I purchased ACT premium with the web option.  I want to use the online functionality so I can access my contacts anywhere via the Web.  I don't want to use my computer as a server.


I have found serveral ACT online hosting providers (at a cost of $40-$100 per month), but it seems like the only thing they do is upload the software and provide you with a logon.  


I want to upload the software myself.  Has anyone done this with a third party provider?  If so, which option (below) would you recommend?  Pros/Cons?

I have settled with a hosting company that offers the following plans:  


1. Hosting Plan $3.99/month

    10 GB Space | 300 GB Transfer
    100 Email Accounts

    10 Myself Databases


2. Virtual Dedicated Server $34.99/month

256 MB RAM Guaranteed /
    (1 GB RAM Bursted)

  Linux: CentOS or Fedora 


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Re: Hosting ACT Premium with a third party company

From your descriptions of the two plans, the 1st sounds like a Linux hosting company (10 Myself databases you probably meant 10 MySQL databases) and the 2nd says they're a Linux hosting company.  ACT! will not install onto Linux-based servers.  These are hosting companies, as in www.<mywebsite>.com website hosting.


You need a Windows-based hosting company that will actually let you have rdc/rdp access to 'your' server, whether dedicated or virtual.  They're going to be way more than the prices you sited for the 1st two options.  Sometimes they're called co-location services, and you either buy a server and have it shipped to the hosting company, or the hosting company sells you a dedicated or virtual windows 2003 server.


That's why the companies listed at specialize in hosting ACT! for the Web - you're not paying the high cost of a co-located server.  Some of them give you some degree of access to the server for maintenance or administrative uses.

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Re: Hosting ACT Premium with a third party company

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Thank you for the quick response.  The company I want to use offers both linux and windows; when I click on the windows 2003 server option the price jumps to $42.  It appears that I have the admin permissions (rdc/rdp) to do the upload, but I would have to call.  I can live with the $42/month if I can do everything on my own.  Below is a link to the offering page.  Thanks again for you help.    


Removed link. Providing links to companies and services other than Sage add-on vendors is not permitted.

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