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History - Time Spent for a company

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History - Time Spent for a company



I need a report that totals time spent for a company. The contact History report will not work as it separates the contacts. I need to be able to print a report for the entire company that will give me a total at the bottom. So just like the Contact History/Time Spent but for a company instead. I tried to create one but I don't know how to get the report to sum the totals.  Does anyone know the expression to put into the data field to do this?


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Re: History - Time Spent for a company

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that the present report could be modified to provide an global total. I think it would be possible to make the report work for multiple companies with a separate total for each company and a global total for all companies. Now the bad news. The present report has some accuracy problems because the time spent for history created by clearing a scheduled activity is the time specified for the activity. The biggest problem is that collecting the total is much more that just applying a VB expression. Creating the report would require knowledge of how the report editor works and the part you would need isn't documented in any depth anywhere. Bottom line I think it could be done but it wouldn't be easy.
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