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Help on the upgrading process on ACT

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Help on the upgrading process on ACT

Hi all,


I am in the process of upgrading from ACT premium 2009 to APFW 2014. I have gathered a lot of information on how to actually carry out the upgrade, but could use some tips/hints from your guys to smoothen the process and avoid disasters! :-)  


Our current setup is a client/server setup where sales people use remote databases and sync with the main database.

My intention is to keep on to this format, but they should also be able to reach it from the web (since we wish to have mobile access). 


My plan is the following: 


1) Purchase APFW 2014 and intall on a new server.

2) Backup our current main database and restore as on the new server (I guess it upgrades automatically?)  

3) Install APFW 2014 on every of the remote users PC and sync with this new main database


My concerns regard step 3. How do I keep this format of synchronizing and do I need to be careful about anything in this step? 


Best regards,



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Re: Help on the upgrading process on ACT

Hi Andreas,


We have an identical setup and went through the same upgrade process only a few months ago...its far smooterh than you think it will be.


We encountered no problems during the upgrade following the same process as youve outlined (backup database and restore to new server). The network sync tool sets up in exactly the same way as the older versions of ACT just ensure you install all the service packs and updates. The tricky part is more the upgrade of the clients as they need to be running the same version so this depends on how many users youve got really.


In a nutshell its more logistics than complicated.


Any questions ask.