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Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem

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Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem

I am attempting to install Act! 2013 SP1 as an upgrade to Act! 2010 SP1.


However, the database upgrade is getting tangled up with the following error:


Sql Server Product Version Check Failure - Version Running Is Not a Supported Version.  Exiting from update.


Process ID 51 has raised user error 50000, severity 25.  SQL Server is terminating this process.

A severe error has occurred on the current command.  The results, if any, should be discarded


Schema Update failed.


A check of the machine that the upgrade is being attempted on shows the following SQL Server version is installed:

Using the SQL Server Installation Center Tool:

SQL Server 2008 Express

Instance/Database:  MSSQL_10_5.ACT7 Version 10.51.2500.0


I can't find anything in the ACT! Knowledgebase that corresponds to this error, or for that matter as a workaround.


My client had just purchased the ACT! 2013 SP1 package as an upgrade from their existing ACT! 2010 SP1 installation.  The download link provided was explicitly for ACT! 2013 SP1, which I presume is a full install kit.  (Some 398Mb)


I did find the following KB articles which appear relevant:!%202013%20install!...

( This one suggests that you can only apply SP1 to Act! 2013, not as an upgrade to prior versions of Act!, but I suspect that this refers to the download kits located here: )


Obviously something is missing, any guidance to help us move things forward?

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Re: Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem



  Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!


  I've spent some time researching this issue, and still have some questions.  When you open Actdiag.exe, what server edition and version is it telling you there?  I've seen a good number of people on the web having problems with version mismatches about 10.51.2500.0, so I'd like to see where we are right now.


  The short end of your error seems to be an issue running the upgrade script.  What we may need to do is uninstall and reinstall SQL manually to ensure we were upgraded to the correct version properly.


  Also, what operating system are you running this on?

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Re: Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem

Do you have access to another machine to try the schema update?


If you get the same error on another machine, then you know you have a database specific problem and you might need help from a db repair expert.


Another way to test, can you update the actdemo database without an error?

Mark Hammer
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Re: Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem

The problem you are facing is that the SQL instance was not updated correctly


When updating From ACT2010 and below, we strongly recommend to follow the following procedure,


  1. uninstall any Act Addons
  2. uninstall ACT
  3. run the SQL2008R2 update manually
  4. Install ACT
  5. Install the addons.

we found that the SQL update will not catch all issues that will be handled if you use the ACT Installer, while when running the SQL update ( separately windows shows missing or problems, and you can fix them before you end up with a mess (that you probably now have on your PC)


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Re: Help Request: Upgrade Act 2010 To Act! 2013 SP1 Problem

We find that this situation is best resolved by:

1. Uninstall from Programs Act!
2. Uninstall all ACT7 instances of SQL
3. Uninstall .NET 4.0
4. Reboot
5. Install Act! from DVD.


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