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Help!!! Regarding Act! Premium V19

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Help!!! Regarding Act! Premium V19

I downloaded Act! Premium V19 (desktop) version in a laptop and create some contacts, and I downloaded Act! Premium V19 web version in another laptop, but I cannot find the contacts I recorded. How to share the contacts between the two laptops? Should I downloaded the same version to share? 

And if I want to use the Act! free app on cell phone, which version should I download in the laptop? Has it to be the web version?

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Help!!! Regarding Act! Premium V19

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Hi gwyfinancial,


It is possible to share the database between an Act! Premium, and an Act! Premium for Web installation.

Act! Premium for Web is designed to be run on a PC acting as a server to produce a web interface for Act!, which you can connect to on other PCs instead of installing the full desktop software. The installer also includes the desktop software so the Server PC can still use this as well.


Here are some Knowledgebase articles which you should find useful:


For sharing the database between the computers, please see the following article: 

KB 13878 - How to share and open an Act! database over a network


To set up The Act! Companion app, it's usually easiest to use the Act! Connect Link application to connect your database to the internet, for use with the app.

KB 38337 - Frequently Asked Questions about Act! Connect Link

KB 38336 - How do I install the Act! Connect Link?

KB 38525 - How do I set up Act! Companion?