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Help! Prospects getting unintended calendar invites

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Re: Help! Prospects getting unintended calendar invites 10/9/2014

Swiftpage blew us off. Its that simple. We have software here that is causing people to DAMAGE or LOSE their customer relationships, yet they completely ignored us for two years. Beyond that, my version 2013 has a ton of other bugs that also have been neglected. Anyone who throws long-term money into a subscription-based program with this company is a moron.

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Re: Help! Prospects getting unintended calendar invites 10/9/2014

Gleo and peidpiper, constructive and point taken. Jazz, name calling? not quite so effective.


I fixed it, the fix is at the end of my ongoing rant.  Skip to the end or enjoy my musings...


I get it, the future vs the past.  Philosophically speaking, I don't care for zero sum, one way or the other type thinking.  I do get the benefits of web based systems and that companies have to stay in business, earn a profit etc.  But why not do both.  Why not fix a couple of lines of code and keep us old timer customers loyal.  Whats so difficult about that Swifty?


Many long time ACT users and thread contributors have noticed the drop in mediocre customer service to horrible customer service ushered in with the Swifty aquisition.  I'm a loyal guy but we all have limits.  Granted, its such a great program that I and many others spend hours trying to sort something out rather than seek alternatives


But me thinks Swifty had/has a plan, reduce costs, degrade service, crush customer loyalty and wait for us demoralized crm junkies to come crawling to the trough.  They know we have no better choices and no self esteem. Crap, how do they know this stuff, they must be some smart guys those Swifty guys...


BTW - if you think I'm nuts regarding putting bucks before customers - it's a private equity firm that helped fund Swiftpage's aquisition of Sage ACT.  I just love those private equity guys, really I do, and they certainly are known for putting the customer first, umm yup.  Heres the PR release - ACCEL‐KKR TO ACQUIRE NONPROFIT SOLUTIONS DIVISION OF SAGE GROUP PLC

and this is the firm page - Accel - KKR


So if its the online crm thing, then its back to the -check and compare the competition- drawing board.  I'm consulting with a group thats pushing me into using MS dynamics.  Anyone ever looked at that thing...?  If I had some loyalty to Swifty I might try and switch those guys to ACT.  But Swifty has spent all the loyalty I had so I'll just deal with MS dynamics.  Id rather suffer like a fool than give my money to Swifty.  


Anyone have evidence that they read this stuff?  Or evidence that my conclusions about Swifty's intentions is wrong?  


So Gleo and Piper, well taken points and I agree for the most part.  But the lack of a simple simple fix that would keep long term customers of the company and cuustomers they purchased, has me seeking any other alternative, even MS dynamics, which is kind of like learning to like sipping on sour milk.  


Oh, I fixed it.  I revoked the Google sync and set up a calendar on and sync through outlook, cheers.





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Re: Help! Prospects getting unintended calendar invites 10/9/2014

I apologize for the frustration you've felt to anyone that has run into this issue. 


Swiftpage has addressed this in v17. It was a complicated solution and one that was prohibitive to Act! 2013 (Due to significant changes in Google's API).


We have offered maintenance plans like Business Care that entitle you to all updates while you are on service and that has translated to our new subscriptions. We still offer standalone purchases today if you don't fit into this model. Staying on subscription or maintenance changes some nuances with the customer/vendor relationship. Effects of not fixing problems are much more immediate and transparent. This gives customers a bigger voice. Our average purchase happens every 2-3 years. This means that devlopment has to come up with big noteworthy features to encourage putting out large captial to upgrade. The business change offering subscriptions is effort to conduct business in a more modern way that does put us in closer alignment with our customers. This almost forces Swiftpage to focus on the problems and requests currently faced by existing customers with a higher priority.


In this case it wasn't about not understanding the problem, it was the size made it difficult to address in a timely manner. Through the course of fixing the issue Google changed API methods and signficant areas needed to be rewritten. I'm not satisfied with the time it took, but I am with the finished results. 


Anyone that has run into this problem and would like to upgrade, please private message me. I'll work with our sales team to ensure you get the best pricing available. 


Thank you for providing a voice, even when the message isn't positive. I'd rather hear passionate dissatisfaction over apethetic silence. Even when voicing your frustration you are showing me that you are a important part of our community and I'd like to keep you that way. (Maybe just a little happier)


Please reach out to me directly if there is anything I can do. 


Benjamin Lederer

Senior Product Manager for Act!

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Re: Help! Prospects getting unintended calendar invites 10/9/2014

[ Edited ]

I do understand business models have to change and adapt, otherwise ergo Motorola and Blackberry.  I'm a long time ACT user, I think starting in the late 90's and would like to continue.  


As for the sync problem - I did disconnect ACT from Google calendar, and switching between the two rather than syncing is really not a big deal.  Candidly I think I may be guilty of being too fussy about things that a few years wouln't have dreamed possible to begin with.  So far, my fingers have not suffered when switching programs.


I get the merits of the subscription model over stand alone purchase; from the business point of view.  I do resent somewhat being forced in that direction not to mention adding one more item getting auto deducted from my checkbook.  While I understand the business case, as a stand alone user who doesn't benefit from the virtual functionality whereby multiple users in multiple locations can work together, why not give the stand alone guy a break?  One user only only accessing his/her own data, give a lower price point.  Two or more users, then go to the multi vs single pricing structure?  You still get the subscription model customer away from the stand alone and everyone is, well, maybe happy?


Thanks for the reply and it is good to know someone is out there on the other end of these threads.  I am curious about the benefits of the next version vs V16 I'm using now.  In addition, I just started working with a larger group that is using MS Dynamics.   I'm either so accustomed to ACT that I just can't find a rhythm in working with Dynamics, or, is Dynamics the piece of crap it appears to be?


I've spent hours with it, lots of stuff is greyed out and doesn't work and things that should be connected, do not connect.  Customization is non-existent as is any support.  There are about 15 users which I'm guessing is costing a small fortune.  So my other reason for breaking down and giving the next ACT version a run is the possibility of getting these guys to switch at some point.


So I guess I have to figure out how to reach you (benjamin the moderator) or would you contact me?