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Help! Group Opportunities/ limited editing

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Help! Group Opportunities/ limited editing

We would like to create opportunties in a group and close them in a group mostly for bulk emailing. We have tested this in ACT and it works beautifully. However, If we create a group opportunity and a sales man doesn't pay attention when updating the opportunity he updates all the opportunities for all the records in the group.


So if we marked them as private open the opportunity and immediately closed it so that a sales associate can't accidently do something to the entire group opportunity he shouldn't then we can't get them to show up on reports properly and only the RM who created the opportunity can see them (which is ok for the purposes of why we are doing this).  Our entire intent is to open for the sake of registration and immediately close so that the db doesn't get bogged down as sales team won't take the time to close that many opportunties.


Then let the true opportunity be opened by the sales associate when he actually makes contact.


We had in the past created individual opportunities for every eblast sent but there are times we have over 1000 opportunities to open and the manpower has just become too cumbersome.


Any suggestions?