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Having so much trouble with ACT premium web 2013!

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Having so much trouble with ACT premium web 2013!



I tried calling support but after two calls with wait times of over 20 minutes, I gave up.  Hopefully the forum will help.


1) How do I get the Outlook Add-in installed if I am only using ACT Web?  Does it only sync with contacts or can I highlight a signature and get all of the info?  Does the calendar sync work both ways and how does it differentiate between calls and meetings?

2) How do I edit a field for multiple users in ACT Web?

3) I created a note for multiple people but after closing ACT Web, I can no longer see it.  Where did it go?

4) How do I change the related tasks window to show tasks I would actually like to do? 

5) Why do I keep getting a duplicate contact error even when I am not creating a duplicate user?  Lots of times I want to duplicte a user and change the name/ phone/email and always get this pop-up


So those are the first few questions.  More to come!