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Having a Meeting Activity "auto-populate" a field?

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Having a Meeting Activity "auto-populate" a field?

We have a seperate database that runs our recruiting division.  We have 1 person who does all the interviews and everyone times those interviews (Meetings) up for him.  Also, on the Contact layout there is a field (Date and Time) to put for the 1st interview, obviously for tracking purposes down the road.


We have to do a lot of double entry as of now, I was hoping there might be a way to remedy this.  Either when you time up an Activity it can fill that date and time into that field.  Or vica versa, when you type the date and time in that field it times up that activity.


Suggestions are greatly appreciated!




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Re: Having a Meeting Activity "auto-populate" a field?

I can't think of a standard way to do this in ACT!... you're two options might be:

  • Have a programmer use the ACT! SDK to create the function you want
  • Create a report to find the 1st interview from the history of the meeting for the tracking rather than the field