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HELP - Act! 2013 - How to import Outlook Journals

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HELP - Act! 2013 - How to import Outlook Journals

Just starting to use the newest ACT! after years of using only Outlook.


I regularly use the Outlook Journal to record phone calls linked to each contact. I have several thousand of these linked across 800 or so contacts.

Tried the Import from Outlook function which even has a feature to supposedly "import Outlook Journal as Act! Notes" but it does NOT work. Called Support and the guy barely understood the concept and then said it cannot be done despite the fact that it is clearly listed as an import feature in Act!



I cannot be without my phone call notes that have to be linked to each contact. There has to be a way to import these......


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Re: HELP - Act! 2013 - How to import Outlook Journals

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Hello Jbg,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! Community. In testing the Outlook import, I was successfully able to import in Journal entries as contact Notes in ACT!.

- Are your Journal entries in Outlook associated with a contact?
- During the import, there were 3 options to choose should an item not be associated with a contact - which did you choose?
- Did you see any journal entries come in as Notes under your own contact record (My Record)?

Also, make sure you choose the Custom import option, and in the field mapping the Outlook field "Body" should be linked to "Add as ACT! Note".

Another possibility may be that there is an issue with your database. Try running repairs on your database (Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair). You can also test by creating a new database, then trying the import in there.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: HELP - Act! 2013 - How to import Outlook Journals

This is truly driving me nuts.

I cannot even get this thing to import my Outlook files properly!


Tried Import again.

1) Used EXCHANGE CONTACTS. Including Journals/Appts, etc.. Set into a brand new empty database (yes I added the ACT Address Book in Outlook). The Map fields display shows 1200 records even though I only have 850 contacts. Mapped Body to Act Note. Set to ADD new Contact or Merge.

RESULTS - 400 Contacts imported. ALL were duplicated 2-3 times each with some having no address, but just a Fax number.

None had Journal Notes included. Totally just a misc 190 or so contacts imported.


2) Deleted and tried again using OUTLOOK CONTACTS. Same settings.

RESULTS - This time only 20 contacts were imported! (log says success 20 merged). None have any Notes imported either.


I have more than 800 contacts and this is not even importing them all, let alone not importing the JOURNAL.


This sucks!