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Groups and Activites

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Groups and Activites

Hi all


almost 90% on this but just wanted to clarify a few things


I have a several groups established and working fine for each product type i have, and each month i want to send a updated report on each product type, also established.... now i want to send a reminder that will popup and remindme to send the reports out to the clients



1) can i do a bulk activity to the group??

2) does this then record a activity agaisnt the group or each contact or both??

3) can i just have the activity against the group but record a history for each client when the activity is finalised?? 

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Re: Groups and Activites

An activity relates to a Contact and a User not a Group. There is no sense of an Activity being something that a Group performs. However you can assocaite and Activity with a Group but I don't think that will help you..

Graeme Leo
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