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Granting backup user access to Act database

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Re: Granting backup user access to Act database

Well, I just found the post to which I believe you must have been referring:


In fact, due to some significant verbiage differences between my view of the problem as a service-related problem and that post, in which the user had already drilled down to the SQL-related Windows Application log errors, it never came up when I was searching until my last iteration just now. It came down to the fact that I once again drilled down to the Windows Application log and finally searched (Google, not this forum) on this combination of words based on the verbiage in the 1332 Application log error: vss writer no security mapping. Google then found the post on this forum.


The core element of the solution is that it is not the SQL Server VSS Writer service that must be switched from Local System account to Local Service account, but the SQL Server (ACT7) service. When I did this, the backup began working immediately.


There was one byproduct that I am still working on: a series of Windows Application log failures on Act.Outlook.Service.Desktop: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I subsequently restarted the Act Service Host with no errors; however, the next time I restarted the SQL Server (ACT7) instance, I experienced more Act.Outlook.Service errors. So I am back to the forum to work on that next. I can say, "At least my backup works now", although it is entirely possible that those Act.Outlook.Service errors may directly affect users who will have no appreciation for the fact that I spent my weekend rescuing one of their major servers from the clutches of a poorly-designed default SQL installation on the part of the Act developers.


But if I find an answer to the Act.Outlook.Service errors, I will try to remember to post it here as well. My guess is that it will turn out to be some other service that needs to have its logon account match the SQL Server instance logon credentials.


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Re: Granting backup user access to Act database

That was it.  I meant that you should change the user the Act7 SQL Instance logged in as  but I should have made that more clear.  Glad to hear it worked.





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Re: Granting backup user access to Act database

Switching SQL Server (ACT7) service from the Local System account to Local Service account solves the backup VSS problem but prevents Act! Pro Version, Update 4 from restoring a database from a backup. 


When Act7 service uses the Local Service account , restore cannot open the backup database and fails with operating system error 5(access is denied) Toggling back to the Local System account allows the restore to occur

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Re: Granting backup user access to Act database

Long-overdue link to another post here on the forum, where the underlying issue had previously been reported & resolved. I eventually found this and was able to solve the problem.


The short story is that one must switch the ACT SQL instance to run under Local Service account, but not the Local System account that is the default during Act setup. I hope this has all made it into the KB by now, since the entire matter left us without any backup--of anything, not just Act--for four months from the moment I installed Act until I realized what was happening and fixed it.