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Google sync problems

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Google sync problems

We are currently using ACT Premium 2012 Version  We are trying to set up the google sync for a staff member and have had significant issues.  We have a shared database, and we run a variety of operating systems in the office from Vista to Windows 7.



1. Once it is synced, it randomly will disconnect the sync feature and we have to go in and reset it.

2. Currently, this staff member has about a million versions of the appointments (sorry for the exaggeration) that had previously synced and we don't know how to get rid of them other than deleting them one by one.  Some of the appointments appear so many times that we can't actually click on them to clear them.


How do we get it to sync properly and is there any way to get rid of the million appointments in a more efficient manner than just deleting them from his record?


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Re: Google sync problems

Hi, if you are using google to sync with his mobile phone, then we would strongly recomend to consider a external tool like Handheldcontact, we are now selling HHC since 9 years, and we never had a single case, where duplicates or data loss did show.


any other solution is loosing the UID when syncing (that prevents from creating Duplicates) and therefor it may happen (some more often some very rare that you will see duplicates)




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