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Google Integration - wont sync previously synced contacts

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Google Integration - wont sync previously synced contacts

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I'm trying to help a user with Google sync. Act! Premium v16 Hot Fix 5. Here is what happened:


The user had "Gmail Account A" registered and syncing with act.  It was syncing 100 contacts included in "Sync Set A".


They wanted to change gmail accounts. Revoked access through google, registered new gmail account, rebooted computer. Integration successful....


The new "Gmail B" is using "Sync set B", which has 130 contacts. 100 of these contacts are the same as Sync Set A, plus 30 new ones. Gmail Account B has ONLY the 30 new contacts, it is missing 100 contacts that Act thinks it already synced.


Is there some sort of Google preferences file I can delete or rebuild? Perhaps a "reset and resend all data"? Any thoughts, thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: Google Integration - wont sync previously synced contacts

There are some metadata files that you can rename so that it will be like Act! never synchronized with Google at all. However, please note that it is VERY important that you create a backup of your database and your google account contacs in the event that duplication occurs once these files are changed so that you don't have to go through the manual task of clearing those duplicates out.


You can rename and recreate these files by following the knowledgebase article below:

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