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Google Apps Sync, Outlook and ACT!

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Google Apps Sync, Outlook and ACT!

I've moved our organization to Google Apps and have found the toolbar in Outlook is no longer works when using Google Apps Sync for Outlook. Has anyone had success using the ACT! toolbar with Google Apps Sync? I'm on Outlook 2010... I've seen other posts and references to this working but for whatever reason most of the icons in the toolbar are missing. 


We're also on ACT! Premium 2012 which allows for syncing with Google. Here's the problem (and perhaps someone has a workaround) - Google Apps Sync will sync all items into ACT!. How do I prevent confidential items from syncing? Upper management needs to avoid HR or sensative items from syncing into ACT! so doing a blind sync for these users isn't possible. Can I label e-mails somehow or do something to prevent some items from syncing for certain users? 


With the toolbar in Outlook we could at least pick what to attach for users who handle sensitive items via email. How do we handle this on Google Apps with ACT!? How are other users handling this? Any guidance would be much appreciated...