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Global Search and Replace

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Global Search and Replace

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Can any one tell me if there is an add-on or plug-in for ACT 2010 Premium which would let me place a value in a field where none exists? Also would let me search for a value in a field (Mr..) and remove that value. In both of these things, I do not wish the present value to be disturbed.


I have a about 7000 contact in my database. About 2400 have a value in the ID/Status field. What I wish to do is, place a value in that field, in the records which currently have no value in the ID/Status field.


Similarly, I have about 3000 records where the contact name starts with Mr../Ms.. I would like to remove this value without removing the contact's name.


Is there such an add-on or plug-in for ACT 2010 Premium which has this ability?

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Re: Global Search and Replace

HaroldSJS -


Your initial qusetion  - add a value to a field that is empty - pretty straightforward...


Do whatever you did to find the records you mention, then on the edit menu, there is "replace field" - select the field and enter the data you want to add.    Done.


(always have a valid backup ready before mass updates)


As far as messing with Titles/salutations - that is is not something that I want to offer guidance, but I do beleive that DesignR1's swiss Army Knife 2 might do what your need (depedending upon how the data in your system is parsed).