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Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

Gary and to others that posted,


Looking at past posts for patterns here is what I gathered and hope others can validate and add anything else to narrow to a common setup.

Reported happening since V17.2.217 HF2, so its not latest ver ACT! V19.
Reported in Win 7Pro, Win 8.1Pro, Win10 Pro, Server 2012 R2 with SQL (not ACT! SQLExpress), also on Server 2016 with ACT SQL Express 2014 but access shared DB over network by +35 PC's with no ACT install.

Q1. Anyone have issue on Win7-10 Home?


Q2. Anyone running ACT on SSD drives?
In 2013 my Contact Detail layout with lots of fields caused RED X until I went to SSD. When doing imports from CSV files ACT! would get to a point and lock up even if Task Manager Performance showed 1GB left. When I added 8GB total 16GB now during imports no lock ups and TM showed using 9-12 GB RAM.


Q3. If you run ACTDIAG.EXE on PC or Server what is in List DB Details your size, FYI Express has limit 10GB?
My setup is Win10 Home (64bit), Office 365 (32bit), ACT! Prem (a Publisher- for network sync to another PC) V19.1.63.0 with SQL Express 2014 (64bit), local SSD drive, DB is 778MB. I have 75,000 contacts, 35 groups, 1200 companies, 2000 Oppt records, 14,317 History records.


Q4. Below is my ACT | Help | DB Information just to be sure we are confirming its not a core DB issue version issue.
Schema Ver
Schema Date Jan 19 2012
Original Schema ver
DB Product ver 12.0.2269.0 RTM
DB Compatibility Level 100
I DO NOT HAVE MY DB IN A DROPBOX, ONE DRIVE ect cloud shared folder.
Remindex Threshold 90
Statistics Sample 75%

I bring up check versions because Jan 2017 I recreated from scratch (long time to do it) then imported all data from old into new DB. I have Contact Table 180 system+custom fields, product lists, layouts. Even recreated templates ADT and reports since new DB field names look at the Physical not label name.


Started in 2006 when I robbed system fields and renamed them or changed type. Over time ACT feature/functions were looking for those system field names. Over the years I'm sure I had some minor corruption that repairs was only band-aid. Lastly I had to make new DB to get Smart Task with AEM emailing working.

It may be a reach but I'm not seeing the problem you all have so figure throw all this out there. You can run tests on new ACT Demo DB rather than recreate new working DB to see if can get RED X.


BTW the Save As Empty and import from old into new is not good enough for corrupt free DB.

A month ago working ACT! hard after lot of importing did see the RED X in my Contact Detail layout and or History Tab. I have to do many lookup's, swap and or replace a few fields data on over +60,000 contact records. Use my import DB App to import a few times from CSV files into DB.

Q5. I do mail merge to create from my templates of quotes and other docs and I what I notice since V19 is it takes longer for merge to get it done. May not be related but I do find that odd.


Q6. Are most of the complaints based on ACT running on a Server for networked (I hope over hard wired / WiFi and not VPN tunnel to offices) users accessing DB. If so how are the users running ACT if ACT is not installed on PC's?
To have 35 PC's access over LAN (not WAN) a server running ACT is a real bandwidth hog. Wonder if not memory issue but network lag time and or not SSD drives.



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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

Q1. No Home installs here. Pretty much anyone using Windows Home version while running a proffesional CRM isn't being really truthful with their licensing of microsoft software....

Q2. Yes every single device from our 35 clients to all our servers are running on SSD's. This is not a RAM/SSD/CPU or any kind of hardware issue, no upgrade will fix this. This is a software bug on Act's side. That much has been made clear by it suddenly starting to happen on the same date to several people spread out all over the world.

Q3. Actdiag on server: DB size is about 1GB. This is not the problem I assure you.

Q4. This happened suddenly, not after act updates, not after schema updates, just there one day. So I'm rather sure this will not be the issue.

Q6. We're running all our clients over wired network. Simple 1 Gbit. Network latency or congestion is not the cause of this issue, neither is hard disk drive access time.
I rarely see our server going over 10% use on network.
Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

Hi all,


Some observations from our customers’ systems and my own system:

The problem started to occur in the field around 29.3.17. I had 3 first reports on that very day.

(The earliest first report was from 16.3.17, the  latest first report from 4.4.17).


Versions afflicted plus some details:

17.1 DE, 1 Customer, 56 licenses, no SSDs in use, ca. 10 different databases, no other details available

18.2 DE, 4 customers, 10+10+3 +12 licenses, 1 database each, no other details available

19.1 DE, myself, 4 licenses active, 1 database 1.4 GB, 77.000 contacts, 50.000 companies, 1200 groups


As to the very varied environments I have seen the problem occurring in, I am also pretty sure that there is no “threshold” value for any Database size /number/ parameter that could be easily identified as a possible reason.


What bothers me most is the fact that the first occurrences are all clustered around the end of March 2017 AND that it afflicts also older ACT! versions and environments which had no problem BEFORE that date.


I’ve been trying to find a relation to any .Net updates, but unfortunately the only system that I can observe permanently is my own and that is WIN 10 Enterprise and has so far no .Net update in the list of updates done since the anniversary update last year.


There is one thing which I would like to point out again:

  1. a) My colleague Robert has hinted that closing a database and opening another one (NOT ENDING the ACT! application itself, but use the Close/open dialogue!) will not release a byte of memory.

This is helpful for testing, when you want to provoke the problem as fast as possible.

Anyway, this misbehaviour has probably been there for a long time across several older versions, but never brought the “out of memory problem” forth before the end of March 2017.


In general I can observe that the increasing memory consumption is an inevitable process, regardless what I actually do during my day.

As if there is a rule like:

”max. number of clicks done” => ACT! go bust.


From the field I also get the feedback that “power” users get it more often than “lazy” ones (of course only comparing those working in the same company /database environment!).


Andreas Schlesselmann
Melville-Schellmann GbR
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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

EUROPOWERGenerators and Melville-Schellmann,


Thanks for the feedback and no doubt in your setup it sounds like this started in March maybe after an ACT update to V17-19.

Also just you few have lot of licenses so if not than by now I'm sure ACT! Developers are trying hard.

I hope others will provide feedback to see if this is NOT really showing up on PC's with ACT! installed, like mine.

Can you both confirm in March there was no MS$ Windows update that could have happen and if there was an ACT update that was applied in March? Only way for sure is if you did a restore point before March to go back in time?

Can you both confirm since your heavy in Network knowledge (unlike me) your PC users don't have ACT installed.  Are they starting up MS$ Remote Desktop app in Windows.  After started do they click on an ACT icon which runs it on Server and all Remote does is send the graphic's to the user screen?




You are correct switching DB's will not release memory. What I did is create shortcut to start SQL Server 2014 Config. Manager C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mmc.exe /32 C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\SQLServerManager12.msc

Close ACT, start SQL Config Mgr, do restart on the SQL Server Service | SQL Server (ACT7) | right click and select Restart.




Now this did bring up another thought in my ACTDIAG.EXE configuration since I'm not seeing RED X. See attached JPG screen shots.  



Anyways if there is anything else you guys can provide to help ACT! Dev. create an Apples to Apples setup will help them since being a former Support Tech it's hard and not a lack of caring.


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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

We are getting 'out of memory' & the big red X too.


Our memory etc is all fine; only a couple of us seem to be getting the issue!

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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

[ Edited ]

Just for the record... we're also seeing lots of 'Out of memory' errors and the big Red X at various client sites using various in-market versions of Act! on different platforms (servers/PC operating systems), many with high specifications (i.e. not a hardware issue).


Similarly, the issue emerged within the last month and reports are coming in more frequently now. Some large sites affected (50+ users) as well as small sites (2-10 users).


Symptoms as described by others.

Will Ingleby
ACT! Certified Product Specialist

Solutions for Accounting & CRM (UK)

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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

I just wanted to let you know that I am seeing all of these same messages at several customer sites as well. Thank you for looking into the issues and hopefully there will be a resolution soon.

Perri Aliano
ACT! Certified Consultant
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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

I'll chime in here as we're one of the bigger and better specified clients of Will from BluebirdCRM.


I'm interested in what Robert says because he's actually done some profiling of this issue and makes some good points.


I've done some work on replicating this issue on our, somewhat large, database.  We have one poor user, and a number of others not quite some similarly afflicted, who is experiencing this issue after a few minutes to hours of ACT! (v18.2U4) usage.


I can replicate the out of memory issue (and there are a host of other issues that go along with it as a result) mainly by just changing an activities dashboard view that we have (and I can do this within about 5 mins, much less normally.)  Changing users and the date filter and cleared and uncleared in one of these activities views on a dashboard will cause memory to be allocated over and over again with very little being GC'd and freed up until you get to about (just over) 1GB utilisation, at which point no additional memory shows to be allocated in the basic task manager view.


Now, we sometimes see the red X but often data just stops being visible.  if you try to create an email template you'll get errors (clsid/com), on trying to do a lookup by right-clicking a field and selecting lookup in a contact view you won't get a box....but you can do an advanced query and get the popup that way, however, sometimes that will cause Act to throw an out of memory exception.


One thing to note is that Act is a 32bit process, it has a maximum amount of memory that the ACT process can utilise of 2GB; see this answer for an explanation about the 2GB limit.

So saying that your computer is using X memory doesn't really make much sense on 64bit OSes with plenty of RAM.  Running SQL server on the same machine will result in a larger amount of RAM being utilised.  I think that SQL Expresses are limited to 4GB of RAM whereas we use SQL standard 2014 on a server with an allocation of something like 128GB out of 192GB; and I think that it'd use up towards 2TB or something as an upper limit in this version.


We'll see whether we get an update any time soon because this is really disruptive to our uses; some much more than others.

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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days

We have found that something that changed in Microsoft KB4013429 may have caused this issue to start.  We took a customer machine that was experiencing these errors and removed this update, they are reporting that the errors no longer occur.  This might be a solution for now.  Meanwhile we are continuing to research the cause of these errors from our side.

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Getting out of Parameter and other errors over the last 2 days



I see that KB4013429 Cumulative Update for Win10 Version 1607 for x64-based systems was installed 3/14/2017.


security issue has been identified in a Microsoft software product that could affect your system. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.


I'll keep this in mind if my system shows the problems the others are having.