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Getting locked out of Zip files created by Act Scheduler

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Getting locked out of Zip files created by Act Scheduler

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We use Act Scheduler to run nightly backups of our Act Database including attachments.  The file size is around 8 gigabytes.  We use the optional feature "Password protect the file" so that the resulting zip file is password-protected before it goes up to Amazon S3.


Every Friday I copy the previous night's backup file to a Windows Server 2016 VM that I use as a test Act server.  I do a test restore of our data.


Last Friday, the database would not restore giving the error message: "The password entered is incorrect.  Enter the correct password to restore the selected database."


I am 100% sure that we have the correct password for these zip files.  It has not changed since early October.  Is it possible our password-protected backup files are being corrupted over time?


Has anyone else had any issues restoring password-protected zip files created by the Act Scheduler?  


It's obviously not a good surprise to discover that you think you have a backup but are locked out.


We are reticent to store a non-encrypted Act backup in cloud storage, but I wonder if the database is sufficiently protected because it still requires valid Act credentials to do a restore, in addition to the zip file backup password.


Thanks for your help!


Update: The password-protected zip created by the Act scheduler on Friday night successfully restored today (Monday).  I assigned a new password for these backups in the Act Scheduler.  Also restoring the non-password protected manual backup that I created on Friday works successfully.  





- Version of Act! you are using:

On Windows 10 workstations:  Act Premium , Update 4

On Windows 2016 Server:  Act Premium Web , Update 4


- If the issue involves Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word , Excel), state the version of Office you are using

Office 2013&2016


- Is your database on your local machine (private database) or is it being shared from a server (shared database)?

Shared from a server.


- Operating system you have Act! installed on (i.e., Windows 7, Windows 8)

Windows 10 on the workstations.  Windows Server 2016 on the Act server.


Astute Commentator
Posts: 54
Country: USA

Re: Getting locked out of Zip files created by Act Scheduler

[ Edited ]

Hi, I have a followup question. When you restore the database from the zip file generated by the Act Scheduler, it requires your Act password, even when you skip the password protected option. Does this mean the zip generated by the Act Scheduler is already encrypted and secure enough on its own to safely store in Amazon S3 storage? I'm thinking in terms of good security practice and HIPAA compliance. Thanks.