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Getting ACT Email to work with Lotus Notes in Citrix

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Getting ACT Email to work with Lotus Notes in Citrix

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I am an ACT newbie, and I am granted to privilage to learn this software, deploy it, and manage it in 3 days.  Well, ok, I'll servive if it's just deployed in 3 days.


We use Lotus Notes 7 as our email and it is delivered via Citrix. 


On the citrix servers, running as Admin or as a user, the Notes email option is listed in the setup wizard, but it can never connect.  The ACT email freezes for about 5 minutes as it is searching (?) for something for notes.  On occations, a FATAL (0) error is  displayed, after which ACT has to be closed out in order for any email clients to be displayed.  ACT appears to be able to see Lotus Notes.  We use the IBM suggested install of Notes on Citrix, which redirects the DATA folder & ini to a non standard location. The data paths are recorded in the registry though.


When I open ACTEmail and what Filemon, there are numerous mentions of a file DBmsLPCn.dll not being able to be located under multiple dictories.  I could not find this file on my local workstation either.


If I install ACT & Notes on a local WinXP machine, the ACT Email works.



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Re: Getting ACT Email to work with Lotus Notes in Citrix

I believe in order for this to work, the DATA folder and ini files need to be in each users profile.

Greig Hollister

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