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French version of ACT premium 2010 (12) - 20 licenses

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French version of ACT premium 2010 (12) - 20 licenses

This is an information post not a question, but it would be nice if some corpos from ACT read this.


By the way we are using SQL Server 2008 by now, running on SBS 2008.


We are using ACT since 3 years now, and as stated above it is the French version.


No  here are the problems:


1. French Version never can get any HOT FIX from you official download site (SAGE France has no such thing anyhow) because only English is supported, and when you install a hotfix the whole thing becomes a mixture between French and English.


2. This year (version 12) was even worse, after upgrading from 11 nothing worked properly anymore.

I finally found out through your KB (in the US) that I should get a HOTFIX (the first in 3 years) version 7 specially developed for the french language only. I downloaded and installed, and so far most things are working fine.

In fact I know where the problem is, but I don't want to go into any details about this.


3. Friday I had to reinstall a XP machine, because its harddrive crashed.

I installed ACT and afterward I wanted to apply HOT FIX 7 and oh surprise I got a message that I can not install this HOTFIX with the installed version.

I reinstalled ACT again and applied the HOTFIX again and got the same error message.


That was funny, what's happening there?


I looked into HELP, about ACT, and it states:

ACT! By Sage Premium 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hot Fix 8
French (France)


That is funny, where does this HOT FIX 8 come from, the only possibility is that it downloaded it from some website because before we only had version 6. and the 7 was downloaded from the KB.


Nothing states it anywhere that ACT updates during the installation process, and no privacy statement or usage statement is telling the customer that such things can happen.

You are not allowed to do that. You have to follow the rules, as MS, ADOBE APPLE and anybody else does.


But that is not the worst. The big problem after is, when I started the client pointing to the corresponding .pad file it says that the database need to be upgraded. This means, all the other ACT running clients HOT FIX 7 installed will not work anymore. And I had no way of going backwards. There is no warning message, nothing that tells me that something like this is happening or ongoing.


So I finally decided that I have to reinstall all the remaining 19 clients because of this.


That is a weekend of work and will cost my customer 1400€.

Because it's not only installing, it is configuring for OUTLOOK and the documents folder and other preferences.


I am not sure that the customer is not calling his lawyers to get the money back from ACT. He pays already a lot of money every year to have full upgrade and support, and there is no such thing from Friday evening till Monday morning called support. But my customers people come in Monday morning and they want to work and no ACT no WORK.


I will also look into SugarCRM and  check if we are not better of using this software instead of ACT, which is pretty slow, and has nearly no support for the French version. You have already output a SP1 and HOTFIX 4, stating that ACT will be faster and other problems are fixed, but unfortunately not for the French version as usual.


Well that's all for now. Bye









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Re: French version of ACT premium 2010 (12) - 20 licenses

When you do an install, it slipstreams in the latest hotfix... something that isn't always a good idea.

As to the HF numbers, there are different for each region... the English version on had 3 hot fixes. Regional ones tend to be at the request of the local offices.

So this might be something you could take up with the Sage office in France?