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Foul Play in ACT

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Foul Play in ACT

Hi all,


I have a couple of questions about making Notes in ACT 9.0:


1. Is there any way to take away Notes and History editing?

2. When creating a new Note, I see that you can modify the time/date of the Note; is there any way to take away that feature?


I have uncecked the boxes for Allow Notes/History editing but the users are still able to reselect it, everyone is a Standard user, is there a more restrictive security role to prevent this?  Also, I made a note on a brand new client and then another sales person came in and placed a new Note before mine; I noticed that the time/date of a Note can be set to whenever.  Is there a way to take that feature away or at least be able to see when the Note was originally created? 


Thank you all in advance for your help.



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Re: Foul Play in ACT

In ACT! 10.0 (and I assume in 9.0), you can display the Create Date - Options | Customise colums. This can't be edited.


You can also add Created By and Edited By...