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Format Date Field in Word Mail Merge Failing

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Format Date Field in Word Mail Merge Failing

This thread is similar to my problem, but hasn't seen activity since 2010:


I added an Act field with a date type (like Create Date, or a custom field, 45 Day) to the word template and modified the field code to format as a date.  The field code is identical to a functional test I implemented in another template, yet it does not work.  When I merge the document, I see <Create Date>, rather than a formatted date.


I'm encountering this in multiple environments.  Is this a known issue with Act 2012 and/or Act 2013 premium?


Here's the field code in question:

DOCVARIABLE[ACTFIELD]CUST_ContactsTable1_111645.CUST_45Day_035323791 \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" \*MERGEFORMAT

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Re: Format Date Field in Word Mail Merge Failing


Some more info, I too have had the same problem with Act Premium 17 and Word 2013.


Syntax: { DOCVARIABLE [ACTFIELD]CUST-CustomTable4-012345.CUSTOMNAME_080455746  \@"dd MMMM, yyyy"  \*MERGEFORMAT }


After much investigation I have found out that it works correctly, but ONLY if the document contains the same field elsewhere without any formatting:


i.e. { DOCVARIABLE [ACTFIELD]CUST-CustomTable4-012345.CUSTOMNAME_080455746  \*MERGEFORMAT } needs to be somewhere else in the document for the formatting to work on the other one.


Looks like a bug to me!

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Re: Format Date Field in Word Mail Merge Failing


I'm sorry I did not insert years ago what you just learned.

My fields in ACT are Type "Date" so in ACT looks like 01/07/2016 but after mail merge I can customize the format such as January 7, 2016.


What I've done in my yes still using Word2007 ACT 10-17.2 templates is insert any ACT field at the very top, change to the smallest font and the color to white. That way after the mail merge nobody sees anything when they get and print the quote. In my case I did not have to insert more than one field in the template and hide it for all the other fields to merge correctly.