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First Call Resolution + Functionality

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First Call Resolution + Functionality

I have used ACT! desktop since 1991.  A short few weeks ago I migrated to Premium Cloud and have a total of three users.  There have been problems during implementation which have been resolved yet have caused delay.  


PROBLEM 1: your support team is not empowered to resolve database issues in real time.  The result is delays and disruption to my business.  See Ticket #8010551524 for the most recent occurrence ("failed to open a connection to the database" an error message all three users receive - all three users are physically located in separate facilities).  There are more occurrences.  


PROBLEM 2: the functionality of the Cloud is nowhere near where it needs to be which causes me and my users to use the desktop version with remote sync (not ideal).  Additionally, editing the fields in the Cloud is clunky and imprecise but now I cannot edit the desktop to then sync with the Cloud.  Editing on the desktop is simpler.  But, per the above referenced ticket, I am unable to edit the field because I cannot even get access to the Cloud database.


I hope you will improve.  I intend to give ACT! a bit more time but am nearing the point of obtaining a refund.


Thank you for addressing these issues.

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Re: First Call Resolution + Functionality

Hello Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to post feedback on our forum, this is greatly appreciated.

I have reviewed Ticket 8010551524 that was logged for 'failed to open a connection to the database' and the earlier tickets related to on-boarding. Each of these cases needed to be escalated in order to be resolved. At the moment we limit access to our back end servers to preserve security and the integrity of our systems. We have three teams with varying access levels as part of our escalation process. I appreciate your comments on this. We do have plans in-progress to improve the tooling for our frontline agents to enable them to resolve more cases on first touch, whilst we remain conscious on security at all times.


I’ve attached a PDF ‘Web Parity Improvements’ that shows the work we have done in recent versions to close the gap between web and desktop features. In Act v19, our next release on Cloud, we are targeting layout designer. This means you’ll be able to create fields and design the layout from Cloud with a similar feel to desktop.


In further updates we will continue to drive improvements in our Cloud product. Customer feedback is crucial, so that we can prioritise the features that have the biggest impact. You can post requests for product improvements here on our ‘share your ideas board’.


Thanks again for posting feedback to our forum. If you require any more info from me, feel free to PM me.

Best regards