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Fillable Adobe forms

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Fillable Adobe forms

My insurance business is intense with many forms. I have built several custom Word templates. However, I am looking to better what I have so all my brokers and clients can benefit. If you know of a solution or a third party that can accomlish this, please let me know.


  1. With a contact open, I want to be able to select a template and have the appropriated fields populated.
  2. The ability to click on yes/no boxes in the form to finish answering questions.
  3. Ability to type into areas of the form.
  4. Save the document as a PDF
  5. eMail the PDF to a client so that they may type into it and finish it up with nothing more than Acrobat Reader on their end. I don't want them to need any other type of software.

I have 2008 Premium and MS Office 2007 and Acrobat Professional.

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Re: Fillable Adobe forms

I don't know of any addon that will allow you to do this.  Reach out to Roy_Laudenslage and GLComputing here on the community.  They may know of an addon or a way to customize a Word template for this.
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Re: Fillable Adobe forms

Most if not all of what you want to do can be done with the tools you have outlined.


Use ACT to populate and .ADT (Word) template with basic contact info.

Use Word forms tools to create your form fields

Use Adobe integration with Word to create a .pdf and email it. 

Brad Marquardt
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Re: Fillable Adobe forms