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Files building up in HistoryQueue

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Files building up in HistoryQueue

Act Premium.

Hosted on SQL server.

Connecting via workstation

Outlook 2016

Question involves recording e-mails into Act


By observation (and undoubtedly deep within the documentation somewhere), I find that the C:\Users\[UserID]\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT Data\HistoryQueue folder is the landing zone for messages headed to Act from Outlook. All is fine when there is a matching e-mail address within an Act contact. The tmp###.msg (e-mail message file) is almost immediately processed (now shows up in Act history), logged in the \Logs folder SuccessfullHistories.xml file, then deleted.


But there can be many, many tmp####.msg e-mail files left in the HistoryQueue folder. These are e-mails sent to addresses that do not appear in Act. Fine--I know they should not be sent over to Act. But why do they accumulate in here? And why is each of them accompanied by a tmp####.xml and tmp####.xml.error file in the Holding subfolder. There is no matching address in Act. This is hardly an error; it is just an irrelevant e-mail--one that was sent to an e-mail address that does not exist in Act.


Having a log entry in \Logs\nothandledmessages.xml is completely understandable, but why are these non-Act-related e-mail files being retained here to clutter the hard drive and confuse my best attempts to research other e-mail sync issues? Is there a setting somewhere to tell Act to not bother retaining messages in the processing folder when the recipient was not found in Act? This could really build up over time.


Also, I noticed that after a server & workstation reboot some weeks back (no Act update, if I recall correctly), Act started new logfiles with different names. They were these, respectively NotHandledMessages Log.xml and Successful Histories Log.xml; now they are these: nothandledmessages.xml and successfullhistories.xml [sic - two L's].

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Re: Files building up in HistoryQueue

Go to Hidden Icons in the right bottom hand corner of you screen and look for a white box with a red circle and white cross in it.


Click and open this and you will see the management area for attaching emails from Outlook to ACT.


Click on advanced Tab and here you can change how long ACT will store the email trying to find a matching ACT record. You can change this to 1 days old for both attached and not attached.


The reason it works like this is that you are able to select Manually attach or Attach to new contacts for unattached emails where you want keep the email information.


NB In some ACT release the delete after # days was not working correctly. Gary maybe able to advise which versions are affected but think yours was OK.





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Re: Files building up in HistoryQueue

[ Edited ]

Purge is set to 15 days, but I have tmp###.msg and related .xml and .xml.error records that are four or more months old in there. Well, not as of today, but that is only because I deleted them all manually. Before that, I had records going back to November 2016


This is Act Premium, Update 4. So I guess I was over-confident that I was current. Maybe my first step will be to upgrade from 18 to 19 here.


Regarding the e-mail attachment, though, in addition to the fact that the purge seems to be not working at all, I find it very odd that there are two sets of log file s in the HistoryQueue\Logs folder:


NotHandledMessages Log.xml


SuccessfulHistories Log.xml



And they seem to get out of sync. When I first began looking at this problem yesterday (because a user reported that her e-mail sync was not working at all), the entirely lower-case two were current, but the mixed-case ones were dated two weeks back. Behavior is the same on the three computers I have checked, except that as of today, the station where I have done most of my tinkering has newer dates for all four files. The other three stations have November 2016 dates on the two mixed-case files and current (yesterday/today) on the lower-case ones. It is almost as though the system has two sets of settings somewhere. On the other hand, the mixed-case ones are all 1kb size, whereas the mixed-case ones are much larger.

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Re: Files building up in HistoryQueue

Hi All,


I recently did some research and investigation on how this service works. This was in response to some questions asked in this thread (I've summarised below).


Regarding the log files, It would seem there was a change made a few versions ago that caused the service to create 4 log .XML files instead of 2. The 2 that are actually used are the fully lowercase ones. The mixed case ones can be considered irrelevant and ignored. Unfortunately it is the mixed case files that the service opens when clicking on the"View Log File"  button on the Advanced tab of the progress window. This has been logged as defect D-05304.


The purging of the 'Successfully attached messages' log file is completed correctly as per the configurable setting in the Advanced tab of the progress window.


We're currently investigating the expected purging behaviour for the logs/nothandledmessages.xml log file, as well as the .xml and .xml.error files in the Holding folder, and the .msg files in the HistoryQueue folder. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, as we've seen that the log and associated files are not currently being removed after the configurable amount of days have elapsed. My testing was done in Act! v19.

This has been logged as defect D-05630.