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Fields overwriting other fields

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Fields overwriting other fields

We have Act Premium V16.1.207 on a shared database using Office 2010.


Something odd just happened I am wondering if anyone has encountered or can help troubleshoot.


In a look up view, Edit was checked and phone numbers were added to a bunch of contacts. It was then noticed that the email field erased the email addresses and entered the telephone numbers as well! 

So now both telephone and Email fields have the same data. Luckily we have a copy of the data but why is this happening and how can we prevent it happening again?


It doesn't seem this happened to all contacts. This is the first time I have encournteres a problem like this in 2 years.


Can anyone help?


Thank you.

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Re: Fields overwriting other fields

I don't believe I've heard of list mode editing overwriting other fields but I've heard of list mode editing not being saved. It's rare and seems to be related to lack of recent database maintenance. If you're going to do list mode editing, I recommend running database maintenance before doing the list mode editing.


Personally I experienced list mode editing not being saved several years ago and stopped using it as a result. I'll set up my list, sort it on a field not being edited and then double click on a record to be edited and doing the edits in detail made and switch back to list mode to select the next contact to be edited.

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