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Field to field?

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Field to field?

In our database, we have 2 fields that are the same thing. 1 however is linked to company, while the other is inputed by the user, not linked. This has created problems where our users are not inputing the exact match.


My question is this, is there a way I can use the 1st field to either populate the 2nd field in order to duplicate the exact match. Or, can the first field populate a drop down for the 2nd field? (I notice our "Staff" field is populated into a drop down which feeds a 2nd field so I am hoping this is possible.)


I inherited this database, so I know it's weird to have 2 fields with the same info!


Thanks and I hope I made sense in my question. We use ACT Premium.

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Re: Field to field?

It sounds like what you're trying to do is is have it set up to where if "Contact Field A" is equal to X, then "Contact Field B" should also equal X?


If this is the case, there's no way within Act! do do this. You can only link Company and contact fields together. There may or may not be an addon out there that would allow you to do that, though I haven't heard of one that will.

Elise O.
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