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Field for Date Custom Field Changed

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Field for Date Custom Field Changed

I was hoping to be able to have another "Edit Date" field - like the one that is automatically calculated whenever a field is updated.


But I want this field to only update when one of my custom created fields is changed, not when any field is changed.


I know I can get this information from Histories, as long as I am tracking it - but it would work much better for my database if I could have this as a field in its own right.


Has anyone made something like this work? or know a way to get it to work? I have considered having a custom trigger when the field changes, and using an external program (Autohotkey) to control act temporarily and have it type today date in a specific field - but that seems like a very long winded - and inadequate work around.


Any help would be appreciated



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Re: Field for Date Custom Field Changed

Sorry if this suggestion  sounds like the bleeding obvious but have met this request a number of times.


Where it involves something like supplied brochure instead of a yes/no field use a date field. I expect your needs are different but offer this anyway.


Also consider if you can get what you want in a different way from Smart Tasks.


Lastly - Sorry but I do not know of any way other than these 2 suggestions except using the history lookup.