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Field History Report

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Field History Report

I have a substantial number of user fields in ACT10.02 premium. I would like to develope a report that I could get a history of all the changes in one or more of these fields. For instance, we have a field named "Date of Last Pay". Another named "Amount Received" and another "received by". For each contact in a lookup I would like to get a report of all the dates that payments were made, how much was received and who received it. That's all the info I want. (by the way, each of these fields generate a history) I'll call this a "Field History Report".


Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Is there an ACT add-on that would work? I've been using ACT! Since version 2.0 and know my way around the software but this has me stumped!


Thanks for your help!

Sam Peppelman

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Re: Field History Report

I hate to be a wet blanket because I enjoy creating report templates for difficult tasks but what you want can't be done with the ACT! reports and I don't think it could be done with a third party report editor like Crystal Reports. The problem is that all field changes are recorded to history with the field type Field Changed. The specific field changed is recorded in the regarding along with the changed information. I considered the possibility of parsing our the actual field name from the regarding but that can't really be done because the regarding and details are recorded in RTF which means there are hidden control codes that would complicate the parsing.


 I can offer a couple of suggestions for modifying your database to give you the tracking information. If the tracking information in history was the most important rather than having it displayed on the layout, you could create custom activities with the tracking name used as the history type. However, I suspect that would not really work for you. Another suggestion would be to use the opportunities or an addon to create a custom one-to-many table to your database. With either one you would be able to track the information you want because each new entry doesn't overwrite the previous entry.

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