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Feed web form data directly to ACT CRM

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Feed web form data directly to ACT CRM

Is it possible to feed web form data directly to ACT ?

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Re: Feed web form data directly to ACT CRM

Hi TN,


Yes this is possible in a couple of different ways.

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Re: Feed web form data directly to ACT CRM

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Expanding on Gary's response.

The new Web API required for the native Act! solution (Zapier) was first introduced with Act! Premium 18 from Swiftpage. If you have an earlier version of Act! or Act! Pro the API is not available to you without upgrading to Premium v 18.


There are two other add-on products that I know of that will provide direct recording of web form data to Act! and they are:
1. Automatic Web Forms by Exponenciel found here

2. Smart Forms by Xact Software found here


In selecting a service/product the detail is important. For instance:

  • How are duplicates handled?
  • Is there need to create a contact record as well as schedule an activity or perhaps create a new opportunity in Act! linked to the contact?
  • Is the process to be entirely automatic or do you need to be alerted and perhaps manage the process more manually before committing to the Act! database?
  • Is there a software management interface to readily change field mappings and how flexible is that? 

Hope that helps. 

Graeme Leo
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