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Fear of changing to the new ACT Premium 2010

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Fear of changing to the new ACT Premium 2010

Currently our database has 2800 contacts and growing.  What would be the maximum amount of contacts in a data base before problems of size?

Before our current version of ACT by sage, using an older version, we were able to export or import contacts to different databases (Active to Stop service or Repair Service only).  We lost this ability when our current version was installed.  This causes us to retain all contacts in our Active database thereby causing is to continously get larger and larger.  
Since our current version of ACT was installed, on several occasions we lost contacts without any explanation and dates in custom tabs changed without explanation. 


We had numerous problems when our current ACT  by sage replaced the old one.  Because we have so many customized templetes, fields and tabs our fear is this will occur again and require many hours of recreating our customization. What has ACT done to resolve this problem with the new version.


We would like the feedback to help ease our decision

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Re: Fear of changing to the new ACT Premium 2010

Hello cryder,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. To answer you questions:


There is no maximum number of contacts, but if you are using SQL Express with ACT!, then maximum database size is 4 GB. There is no size limit if using SQL Standard.


You can still import/export contacts between ACT! databases. Do this by going to File/Import (from destination database) or File/Export (from source database) and choosing "ACT! database (version #) for the type of file. Please see the following Knowledgebase articles for instructions and best practices:

17539    22042    22050


The ACT! program does not randomly delete data. This could be caused by:

- Data not being saved properly

- Database corruption

- Filters in current view excluding data


If your previous upgrade was from ACT! 6.0 or prior to ACT! 2005 or higher, then there were some issues with customized databases converting due to change in database format to SQL. However, when converting from ACT! 2005-2009 to ACT! 2010, this process has been greatly improved and should not be an issue.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.