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Exporting only certain groups to Excel?

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Exporting only certain groups to Excel?

I've been trying to figure out how to exclude certain groups when I export contacts to Excel. I want most of my groups, (about 40) to export but to leave only a couple of groups out of the export.


Thank you for your help or direction to an older post.



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Re: Exporting only certain groups to Excel?

unfortunately, there is not a cumulative look up group membership.  YOu have a couple of options.


Create a new "bucket" group as a holding area.  Lookup each group that you wish to export and add this group. you would have to repeat this process 4o times..  Too painful


2) repeat the export 40 times.  Still too painful


3) my sugestion would be that rather than use a bunch of static groups, use a field like id'status or another multi select dropdown.  So for example if you have a static group called "Hot Prospects" create a value in ID/Status called "Hot Prospects" and use the edit copy commant do puch the value of "Hot Prospects" to the id/status field. Then create a dynamic group called Hot prospects (dynamic) and set the dynamic query to contain all contacts where ID/Status contains Hot prospects.


Now to do you lookup, just look up on id/status each value you are searching for and do a cummulateive lookup using the ad to look option each time you repeat the lookup.


THis will invoive changing the way you use the database adn some initial setup, but if looking up multiple values like this is something you will be doing on an ongoing basis, it makes more sense.

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