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Export not exporting

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Export not exporting

I'm trying to export a single contact record between databases.


I follow the export instructions to the letter (it seems).


I am logged in as the user who is the record manager. I have already updated the user's access in both source and target database to "manager" to be able to export and import. The source and target databases are effectively duplicates so the fields are all the same.


I open the export through it making the necessary input and when I click "finish" I get a dialog box saying "exporting...." with a progress bar. The bar never moves, then after about 30 secs it disappears as though it's complete. I open the target database and.....nada - the exported record is not there.


This is just a standard customer contact record. What am I missing?


BTW - I have tried

- logging in to both target/sourceas myself (which I don't want since I need the other user to remain as record manager and there is a lot of history attached to the contact)

- leaving the target db open and having it closed


Help is always appreciated.

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Re: Export not exporting

The most likely cause is the duplicate checking settings in the target database.
Roy Laudenslager
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