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Export Opportunity List

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Export Opportunity List

I have ACT for Workgroups 2006 Version I am able to view an Opportunity List. I want to export this list to Excel I have tried the following:



1. File/Export - but this does not allow me to choose the required fields that are showing within the Opportunity List window. When I use export, I only get the first Opportunity in column A of EXCEL and nothing else. I want the Company Name and Opportunity to show in Column A and B.


2. Tools/Export to Excel -  within the Opportunity List window, this option is greyed out and unavailable.


3. Copy/Paste - I have selected EACH line within the Opportunity List Window (hold shift then Page dwn to highlight all opportunities in successive Opportunity List windows) and attempted to paste into Excel. Regardless of how many Opportunities are highlighted, only the first Opportunity is pasted and does so only in column A. There is more info in the entire column that what I highlighted!


How to I get the contents of the Opportunity List window into an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.


Thanks for the assist.

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Re: Export Opportunity List

First, you posted to the group for ACT! 6, not ACT! 2006. If you're using the standard version of ACT! 2006, I don't believe that feature was available. The other possibility is user rights. 

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Re: Export Opportunity List

Excel 2007 is not supported in your version of aCT.

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