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Excel vs ACT!

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Excel vs ACT!

I have two bosses, one that wants to upgrade ACT! and one that wants to Downgrade ACT!


Because boss 1 keeps telling boss 2 that ACT! is outdated and needs an upgrade boss 2 thinks that the best "upgrade" would be to use Excel instead. I keep trying to explain to boss 2 that that would actually make things more complicated and in a sense it would really be a downgrade, but he just doesn't understand. Truth is, I can't really come up with reasons as to why Excel is a downgrade because I have never used it as a database.


In order to get boss 2 to get off the idea of using Excel instead, I need some facts.


Have any of you out there used Excel as a database system, if so can you list some reasons why ACT! is the better way to go? This "Because it's just better!" isn't really cutting it with my boss.


Thank you,


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Re: Excel vs ACT!

Excel if flat file, ACT! is relational. Meaning, you can have one to many relationships like any number of note or history entries for a single contact record in the ACT! program. In Excel all information would have to be in a single row. Hope this helps.
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Re: Excel vs ACT!

Excel is ok for a list of names that you never want to do anything important with.


ACT! is a CRM - it's suitable for those who care about the relationships you have with your contacts


  • Tracking and categorising contacts by any fields you want to create
  • Scheduling activities and linking to the contacts
  • Recording what each staff member has done with the contacts
  • Sharing info with other users in your office
  • Email, Print and Fax merges - tracked in the history
  • Tracking sales opportunities, sending quotes and measuring pipeline opportunities against budgets