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Excel VBA Email Integratio​n with ACT

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Excel VBA Email Integratio​n with ACT

Has anyone had any experience with getting "Email Sent" history recorded when using CreateObject("Outlook.Application") in Excel VBA?


I have developed a bill sending application for a client using Excel VBA and whilst the actual application works well and sends the emails out via the local copy of Outlook, the history is not being recorded when using the .Send output option.


If I use the .Display output option and then set who the email is from, it works.


I don't fully understand the difference so any advice would be appreciated.

Brett Merriman
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Re: Excel VBA Email Integratio​n with ACT

Hi Brett


Dont know if this will help and lead you in the direction of an answer


But i think it may have something to do with when Act creates the history, for example if i am in a 3rd party program like Excel, Adobe, etc and try to email that document to someone it does not create a history, but if i save the email before sending it it reates a history.


When i use to mail merge i would turn outlook offline, mail merge, then move everything to the Drafts box then go online again, jsut to get the history


Another VBA example is i have a code that adds to the bottom of each email a list of attached files, works very well, except it does not make it to the history in Act, in that code i use Sub Application_ItemSend

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