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Errors when restoring act data base

Tuned Listener
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Errors when restoring act data base

When I try to restore my ACT 2013 premium database, I get the errors shown below.    I pasted an imaged because the long won't let you copy and paste.  I don't know what to do if the back up is corrupted.






Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Errors when restoring act data base



  That error means the restore process is trying to bring in a null value into a column that requires a value.  There can be many reasons that this error happens, including a bad backup file.  Do you have the original database that you backed up available to you, still?  This could be the case if you are smiply moving a database.  If so we would want to run the full barrage of database repairs available to us to see if we can get a cleaner backup.


  If you don't have access to this computer, then there are a few tricks we can use.  We can try to manually attach the backup file, then run the mainenance on it before trying to open it in Act!, or you can submit your database over to DB services for us to do the restore/conversion as needed.


If you decide to go through the repair process, fill out the form in this KB and follow the instructions to submit your backup for repair:


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