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Error when restoring ACT! database

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Error when restoring ACT! database

I have ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0) ST Edition Version with Hotfix 3 Europe Enghlish one my Windows XP SP3 computer. 

I have backup the demo database on this computer and restore no problems.


But when I try to restor ACT! database the same version ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0) St Edition HF3 then I get a very strange error

"Act.Data.ActDb.ActDbException: Cannot find the user ACTQUERY, because it does not exist or you do not have permissison."

And then lot of lines after that........


When going through the knowledge base the sugestrion is to upgrade to SP3 which I have done and also upgrade to Hotfix 3 which I have also done.


Can someone help here.


Regards Hermann Valsso ACC


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Re: Error when restoring ACT! database

You still have to run SecurityCmdLine app. Depending on where your ACT is installed, which is either


  1. C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows
    2. C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Web

Then click on SecurityCmdLine App. That should fix your issue, if it doesn't, save a file in Notepad named SQLreset with the .bat extension with these two lines in it:


sqlcmd -S(local)\ACT7 -E -Q"sp_password null, 'Mercury!2008!ACT', sa;" -oHardReset_out.txt
SecurityCmdLnApp.exe Mercury!2008!ACT


And run that.