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Error saving contact.

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Error saving contact.

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I have version Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1.  When I save a new contact I get the message "Contact no longer exists"  The client does not get saved.  When I add a  new secondary contact, I get the error "Error saving Contact".  Anyone have a fix?  I only get the message my main database, not the ACT demo DB and not in the DB loaded with thousands of contacts we keep in a database before the become a prospect.


I have done the check and repair on by the server where we sync and my client. Still have the same prob.


Please help!

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Re: Error saving contact.

Hard to be totally sure without seeing the environment, but try these things.


1) Database maintenance via ACT diag

2) is the database in the same location as the databases that are working?  if not, the problem may be permissions related.  Perhaps try moving the database to the same location as the databases that work.

3) As a workaround, try hitting save as soon as you create a new record, then go enter the contact information.  See if this has any difference.


Finally, The idea of having a different database for customer and prospects is usually unnecessary and creates more work than it is worth.  Consider using a single database and using a field like Id/Status to identify a client as they progress the sales cycle, (prospect, lead, customer, friend, etc)

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Re: Error saving contact.

Thanks for trying!  I checked. The database files are in the same directory.  Trying to save before entering data didn't work. Same result. I have tested it on the server which is hosted at  I tested it on my one laptop and my second laptop. All the same. The wierd thing is that it was working fine without this issue with this same version for over one year.  I have recently added another 250 custom fields - in the past 2 weeks. Does that have something to do with it?


I have to keep a seperate DB for the Marketing DB. Because we sync to our server, it was crashing when I had them in the same DB that needed to sync. There are over 500,000 contacts in that DB.  ACT would always time out. Spent hours with Tech support until we figured that there were too many contacts.  So now I simply export them into the Sales DB after they become prospects from our marketing.


Thanks again and I hope someone can help me on this.


My hunch is that it has something to do with adding another 250 custom fields. I know have probably 600 custom fields.