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Error notification while creating remote database

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Error notification while creating remote database

While creating remote database I have steadily receive notification as "database name databases files/17bb57b....( a lot of different letters and digitals)\backup\Sab... again letters and digitals.ADF access denied". And database creation process stopped and canceled so I can not move further and create remote database. I understand that it is something wrong with some service or system files and I can do nothing with that myself. Please, help!!! I badly need to synchronise me home and office databases.


I will be  grateful to have advises on any alternative solutions on how to keep both databases the same without synchrocising process as I guess it will be not that easy to eliminate the issue mentioned above.

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Re: Error notification while creating remote database

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Are you running Windows Vista or Windows 7?


If so, close ACT! and re-launch by right clicking the icon and choosing Run As Administrator.

Then retry the remote database creation process. 


If you're not on Vista or 7, are you logged onto the machine as a Windows Administrator? You require admin rights to successfully create a remote database. 

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