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Error: index was outside the bounds of the array

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Error: index was outside the bounds of the array

I'm trying to run a phone fix masks on my database of about 22,000 phone numbers and it runs up until about 530 and then I get a message saying "index was outside the bounds of the array."  What does that mean and how do I fix it?


I've been getting a message when entering in some phone numbers that says "contact no longer exists" so I was told to fix all of the weird characters in each phone field, but can't get any farther than that.  I've run check and repair a few times, but nothing seems to be working.  Please help!  We've recently upgraded from 2008 Premium to 2010 Premium.

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Re: Error: index was outside the bounds of the array

Hello Rainmaker Academy,

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It appears there is a phone number(s) that does not match the format of the field.  Here is an article with instructions for performing a mass update to your phone numbers to set them all to the same format.  I highly recommend that you create a backup of your database before performing these steps - always backup before making mass updates.

How To Replace Phone Format For Multiple Records



Greg Martin