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Enthusiastic user

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Enthusiastic user

I have a user that has grown up through Act from at least Version 4 through to 2008.


He is a remote Vista user and the database has >200K records, not many attachments.


On 2008 He regularly runs database maintenance from the Tools menu, is this necessary now under SQL? He felt it was in ACT6 especially if he had done a lot of updates.


With such a large database how long after he closes the Act client down should he wait to turn off his PC/Laptop, he has recently had "Object reference not set to an instance of an object " which was solved by and I feel SQL is busy for a while after he closes the client - am I right?


Paul M Tate
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Re: Enthusiastic user



It is best practice to run database maintenance and backing up the database regularly.  Running maintenance will increase stability and performance in the database.


As far as how long before turning the computer off, I suppose this will depend on computer specs, number of programs that are shutting.  I've seen on slower machines, the ACT! process will remain in the task manager for a minute or two before closing.  When ACT! closes, its saving its preferences and any unsaved data in the database.