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Entering Product in Opportunity

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Entering Product in Opportunity

Since installing the updated 2012 Act we have issues within the opportunity field.  Here is the issue.


Before 2012 we would enter a add a product under the Product/Services tab by entering a part number and description in the Item number and name fields along with pricing, discount etc.  It would then calculate out the amount and add the item to the opportunity and show the part number within that tab showing price etc.


After 2012 we would enter the same info as before but now when you click OK in the add/edit product window the product info etc does not get added to the bottom of the product/services tab.  Therefore the price and part etc doesn't show in the opportunites. It will just show up as a open opportunity with no product info and sales dollar at 0. 


This worked just fine before the update?  Any ideas on how I can fix this.  I did add a new field in the add/edit product window and this will work as it should.  We already have fields and they are sync with our quick book products but now they don't work.


Any ideas would be great!  Thanks