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Emails not attaching to Act! after installing Update 6

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Emails not attaching to Act! after installing Update 6

Hi Everyone, I wanted to get a thread going on the issues I have noticed I am still having with Outlook Integration even after installing Update 6 for v 18.2.


Prior to installing the update, I had 2 clients that were experiencing issues with Act! crashing when clicking an email address to compose a new message.

Because of this we installed Update 6 which did resolve this issue, however I have noticed that I am still experiencing some issues with Emails not attaching for some users (currently 2 users from different clients).

The Outlook integration is configured and the act! address book is present in outlook.

When we click an email address we can compose and send a message successfully.

The email is NOT being attached as a history item in Act!


I have tried the following:


removed the outlook integration in Act! preferences, and confirmed the act address book has been removed, closed and relaunched both act! and outlook and then reconfigured the outlook integration.


Stopping the Act.Outlook service and restarting it


Rebooting the entire Computer



The Act.Outlook service is running and DOES NOT crash.

Items do appear in the History Queue Folder but do not appear in act! history tab

The History Queue progress window does not appear in the task bar at any time

there are no filters preventing me from seeing new history items.



Is anyone else having similar issues?





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Re: Emails not attaching to Act! after installing Update 6

Hi Jared,


There have been a couple of different issues appearing after the Office update of 16.0.8229.

Would you be able to check from task manager is the Act.Outlook.Service shows as 64bit rather than 32bit. If it shows as 64bit please end the task and copy the Act.outlook.service from the install directory like: 'C:\act!_premium_v18_sp2x53\ACTWG\program files\ACT\ActInstallDir'


I would also recommend recreating the History Queue, by stopping the Act.Oultook.service and renaming the historyqueue folder to .old.

then restarting the Act.Outlook.Service and attempt to record an email. if this works you can copy in the .TMP files from the .old folder.