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Emailing to Groups - and showing all addressees

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Emailing to Groups - and showing all addressees

I want to email to a group and add an attachment AND have all of the addressees SHOW in the "To" field.


If I do email from template, it does not "pause" to let me add an attachment or subject and also sends out individually addressed emails, so this is no good.


If I do a mail merge, I am able to add the attachment and subject,  but it still only shows one addressee in the "To" field.


So how can I do a email from a  template, add an attachment, AND show the group receiving the email rather than individually addressed emails?



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Re: Emailing to Groups - and showing all addressees


The answer depends on which email client are you using (ACT! Internet Mail or Outlook):


You are correct, when selecting multiple contacts you are not presented with the new message window - it sends automatically. 


If you select a single contact and 'e-mail message from template', it will present you with the new message window.  At this point you can add additional contacts to the 'To' field and attach a document.  All contacts will be displayed when the email is received.


If you are using Outlook as your email client, there isn't a way to only display the contacts associated within a group - it will list all contacts within the database as a list to choose from. 


The ACT! Internet Mail program does have the ability to display contacts by group.



Greg Martin