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Email sync error - with solution (kind of)

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Email sync error - with solution (kind of)

Lately I've seen a bunch of users getting Outlook sync errors.  See screenshot for the errors..

Exception Redemtion.RDORecipient and Microsoft.Synchronization.


I was on the phone to Act support for a few hours and they couldn't figure it out. 


Act 19.2 update 4

Windows 7

Office 2010

Calendar 2 way sync

Database on separate server (2008)


The calendar sync looks like it's running then after 10 seconds or so it errors out.


After hours of troubleshooting, I decided to give the user a new PC as it wasn't worth the time.  New PC done the exact same thing.  Identical errors. 


Long story short.......

I grabbed a backup of the database then restored it on another server.  Had the user connect and everything worked fine.  No errors with the sync.  Does anyone have any idea how this fixed the problem?  What causes these errors?