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Email merge fields in hyperlink

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Email merge fields in hyperlink

Hi all, hope you can help with this one.


I want to merge out emails that have a custom url that uses fields from Act. e.g.



Hi xxxx,


Please click on your link here.


Sign off



Where link here points to something like:


The COMPANY and CONTACT would be example fields taken from Act.


What is the best way to do this? I have tried adding a hyperlink (with merge fields in the 'Linked To') in a template, but it didn't work - the fields are not merged in. I have managed to do this in the old Act 6 by editing the HTML template directly, but I am not sure what the tpl format is.


Kind regards,



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Re: Email merge fields in hyperlink

Pretty sure you can't do this if using Outlook ... as it uses Word

You might need to look at one of the third-party tools like SwiftPage, MergeMaster! or MailChimp